If you are one of those people who have rheumatism and if you are afraid to walk barefooted on the floor, you must not have a tile floor. You must look for flooring that you are more comfortable with. Maybe you can have cork floors. This type of flooring has lots of characteristics that make it really desirable to have. You may be able to use corks to be your subflooring or your main flooring. You will not worry too much that the flooring will rot immediately although it comes from the bark of the cork tree because it is water resistant as well as it is impermeable to any glasses. If you really want to ensure the durability of your cork floors, you must seal it properly. Maybe you can use water-based urethane. Actually, it is the most recommended seal because it does not give off toxic gases during combustion; hence, it is resistant to fire. You will also need not to worry about your rheumatism when you walk barefooted because these floors are resistant to temperatures as well. That is one thing that you cannot find in tile flooring.

Although cork floors are light, if you will exert pressure on them, they will just bounce back. You may consider corks as the most essential substitute if you cannot find a ceramic tile. This is very awesome for people who have aching joints, back and knees. If you will put on a heavy object on cork floor, it will go back to its original form with just a few seconds. You will also need not to worry about the maintenance of these floors. You can also save energy and time in cleaning these kinds of floor because these do not collect dust; unlike other types of flooring. These are hypoallergenic so they are good for children. These are antimicrobial and insect repellent. For that reason, you must consider these floors in your kitchen, play areas and bathroom. Nevertheless, these are not limited to those areas only. If you like, you can consider as the flooring of your entire house.

If you do choose cork floors, then the environmentalists will surely salute you. They will do that because you are using a product that is environment that is nature lover as well as environment friendly. Many people are considering cork floors as the most innovative thing that people have done to a bark of a tree. Instead of burning those barks, those barks have become a floor that gives comfort to ones foot. We all know that burning may worsen the damage of our ozone layer and it may also add up to the air pollution. Therefore, if the barks will be utilized as floors, then there’s no need of burning anymore. In that way, you have also helped your environment. If you are worried that your will look like wine corks, then stop worrying because that will not happen. There are some companies who creatively put a design on the cork floors making it suitable for every homeowner. The corks will look like high quality wood flooring.